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Addiction Counseling

Providing support and counseling tailored to meet the needs of the client, the relationship between counselor and client is the single most important factor in successfully addressing addiction.

Rule 25 and SAP Assesments

A clinical assessment tool used to determine if someone needs substance use treatment and what level of care is recommended.  Often required by a court to complete a chemical health evaluation and follow its recommendations.

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Individual and Family Addiction Counseling

$150.00 per 50-minute session; eligible 10% discount for cash ($135.00)

  • For people who wish to address problematic use of alcohol and other drugs.
  • A variety of evidence-base therapeutic therapies and approaches used (Cognitive Behavioral, Client Centered, Gestalt, Visual and Strength-based Therapy, Motivational Interviewing approach and 12 Step facilitation).
  • Recommended for people who have difficulty in group settings, or who need flexible scheduling and anonymity.
  • Especially helpful for people who are frustrated by repeated cycles of treatment and relapse.

Payment information

  • Accept Cash or Credit Card
  • Other insurances may allow all or portion of cost from out-of-network benefit
  • Use HSA, flexible spending dollars, or medical savings account

Rule 25 Assessment

$300 flat fee 

A clinical assessment tool used to determine if someone needs substance use treatment and what level of care is recommended.  The assessment gathers information about your chemical use history, physical health, mental and emotional health, family history, criminal history, living and social environment. Individuals involved with the criminal justice system, whether it is probation or the courts, are often mandated to complete a chemical health evaluation and follow its recommendations. An assessment may also be mandated as part of a release plan from prison or jail. Of course, an individual may decide to seek help on their own with their substance use or other addiction problems.

Payment and Fee information

120 minute face-to-face assessment; 3rd party collateral phone interviews; written treatment recommendations and plan; resource referrals; and as needed, confer with attorneys, probation officers and case-workers regarding recommendations.

Cash or credit card accepted.

SAP Assessments

$450 flat fee

an assessment to evaluate employees who work in a DOT (Department of Transportation) safety-sensitive position who have violated a DOT drug and/or alcohol regulation. A safety-sensitive position is any commercial transportation related function, including, but not limited to, moving or controlling a commercial vehicle and/or vessel; mechanical maintenance of vehicles and/or vessels; transporting hazardous materials or containers; maintaining the location of hazardous materials, and armed security. The assessment must be completed by a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

Payment and Fee information

90 – 120 minute face-to-face initial evaluation; 3rd party collateral phone interviews; written bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment; individualized treatment plan; resource referrals; initial evaluation report to employer; case management; final face-to-face evaluation; and a final evaluation report to the employer. Provided by a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

  • Cash or credit card accepted.
  • Employer or union may offer partial reimbursement; need to inquire.

Consultation Packages

Consult for Clinical Supervisors

Clinical Supervisor’s wear many hats, unexpected resistance and challenges can lead to isolation, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You work hard to be there for counselors and clients but who is there for you? Book time with an expert consultant dedicated to help you renew and rejuvenate who you are as a professional.

Consult for Addiction Counselors

Working as an addiction counselor can be emotionally taxing, especially when you have a resistant, or manipulative client that you have no idea how to manage. By the end of the day your fighting off thoughts of inadequacy, feeling stuck and emotionally drained. Book time with an expert consultant to process personal and professional challenges, take the time to sharpen your craft and boost your self-confidence as a professional.

5-Hour Consultation Package for Clinical Supervisors and Counselors: first hour over the phone, then the next 4 hours you choose between in-person, over the phone or through telehealth.  The price for the 5-hours of confidential consultation is a flat rate of $500.00 or you can choose to pay by the hour of $110.00 an hour.

Initial phone consult
(up to 1 hour)      

Discuss with an expert consultant on your unique situation.  Such as your current position, current challenges and professional goals.

Face to face Meeting
(up to 2 hours)      

Individual meeting with expert consultant to develop a plan of action to achieve your goals through various methods.

Over the phone and/or Telehealth
(up to 2 hours )              

Discussing with expert consultant over the phone or in telehealth sessions the steps to achieving your goals.

Melanie A Perrin

Education, Licenses and Credentials

Author of the book, “Standing Back Up Against Addiction”

Masters in Addiction Counseling – Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Minor in Psychology – University of River Falls – Wisconsin

Independent Clinical Supervisor (ICS) # 15388 –  Wisconsin

Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) # 15262 – Wisconsin

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) #301871 – Minnesota

Independent Rule 25 Assessor (LADC) Chemical Assessments

Department of Transportation(DOT) Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

ADCR-MN Certified which meets the International Standard of the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC) International Standards.

A member of NAADAC – The Association of Addiction Professionals


A building doesn’t provide great treatment services or conduct universally best practices, a person does…and Melanie Perrin is that person. With her powerful advanced education from Hazelden, one of the country’s most iconic treatment centers, and her strong personal recovery experiences, she is a refreshing contradiction to the cookie-cutter service delivery of lesser skilled clinicians.

After many years of providing excellent services with the highest standards to the clientele of other organizations, MA Perrin Recovery Services will fill a niche that only Melanie can fill.

Berlye M. CSW, CSAC, ICS

Melanie Perrin is a patient motivating counselor who readily meets her clients where “they’re at” to provide them counseling they will accept while challenging them to explore the source. She helps them to look at their environment and the rippling effect of the disease to themselves and their significant others.  She is trained, adept and utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing in her counseling.

Melanie Perrin is the A+ of counselors, with her Masters from Hazelden and her 30+ years of experience, they don’t come any better!


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